The Brand

LOULU ET TU is a clothing brand that appreciates good quality, excellent fabrics and significant design. It pulses with industrial minimalism and feminine sensitivity. Launched in 2013, the brand produces two ready-to-wear collections a year. Silhouettes are delicate and subtle but they do make a statement – the brand is exceptional of its perfect sense of nowness. Its clean and minimalistic lines are not overloaded with unnecessary details. It does not make decisions for the wearer, on the contrary, it gives a blank canvas, where each and any can be the artist of their own masterpiece.

LOULU ET TU woman is intellectual and dynamic; she lives within a busy city beat. She knows exactly what she desires and appreciates that feeling. She has a high self-esteem and trusts her unbeatable sense of style. She chooses to search and tame.

LOULU ET TU values your creativity and does not impose its fashion dogmas. It does not try to please you and is not a fast changing trend slave. 


Create your own story.